Proposed candidates for supervisors

  • Migration studies: migrants’ identity and ethnicity in transnational spaces, diaspora studies, return migration, public policies towards migrants and diaspora
  • Culture and Society: cultural institutions, cultural policies, artist and art in public space
  • Design of interactive solutions in social context: ICT in cultural practices, user experience studies (UX)
  • Sociology of politics
  • Social and political movements
  • Non-institutional politics
  • Social protests
  • Sociology of rural areas
  • Sustainable development and local communities in the process of change
  • Media and Communication Studies: social aspects of media and communication, media and politics, Public Relations, social engineering
  • Culture and Society: popular culture, culture promotion, culture in the era of new media
  • Sociology of social changes
  • Digital sociology
  • New media in social communication
  • Sociological aspects of popular culture
  • Design Sciology
  • Sociology of Arts: creative professions and practices
  • Sociology of Work: work in creative industries
  • Religious (denominational) dynamics in contemporary world
  • Trends and scientific schools in sociology of religion
  • Sociology of spirituality
  • Religous sects, cults and new religious movements (theoretical and descriptive approach)
  • American Puritanism : history and the present day (socio-religous aspect)

Other disciplines

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