Prof. dr hab. Piotr Borek

Literary Studies
    • applied writing from the 16th to the 20th century (diaries, journals, letters, wills, official documents),
    • women’s literature 17th-20th century,
    • physiognomy of characters in narrative works,
    • the creation of macro- and micro-spaces in works of the 17th-20th century. (e.g. state, city, village, court),
    • “evolution” of genres over the centuries: e.g. poem, memoir,
    • the function of the letter in narrative structure (e.g. in the historical novel),
    • Old Polish calendars: genological description of structure, thematic content,
    • everyday life and festivity in selected works of the 17th-20th century,
    • baptisms, weddings, divorces and funerals in the writing of the XVII-XX w,
    • selected literary motifs (synchronic and diachronic approach),
    • Old Polish literature on the Internet (site composition, criteria of material selection, virtual audience, commercialisation, etc.),
    • Rhetoric as a tool of persuasion in speeches, speeches (secular and religious) of the 17th-20th century,
    • stylistic shape of selected works of the 17th-20th century,
    • Borderland themes in the literature of the XVI-XX century,
    • ways of communication in old Poland (documents of the royal chancellery, private correspondence),
    • ration (e.g. wedding, funeral) as communication (family, customs, artistic),
    • literature and social behaviour in the 17th-20th century.

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