Individual Research Plan

The Individual Research Plan shall be submitted no later than 12 months after admission to the Doctoral School. Submission of the IRP is preceded by submission of a draft IRP no later than 8 months after admission to the Doctoral School. The draft is reviewed by two specialists in the discipline and sent back to the Doctoral School participant with suggestions. The implementation of the IRP is monitored through the doctoral student’s progress reports, promoter feedback, and regular public reporting sessions.

Individual Research Plan

The individual research plan shall be prepared by the doctoral student in consultation with his/her supervisor(s). The plan includes in particular:

  • outline of the dissertation,
  • external sources of research financing,
  • a research programme for the preparation of the doctoral dissertation including a description of the tasks and a schedule for their implementation divided into semesters,
  • a deadline for the submission of the dissertation.

Semester reports

The submitting of a semester report on the progress of the preparation of the dissertation is one of the requirements for the completion of the semester. From semester III onwards, PhD students shall submit reports on the implementation of the IRP.

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