Procedure for the discipline exams at the Doctoral School

Ordinances and rules
  • The doctoral student applies to the appropriate Discipline Council indicating that he/she is ready to take the faculty examination in the first month of the semester.
  • The application shall be accompanied by a scientific self-report, the topic and information on the status of the dissertation, the scope of the directional examination – in case it is provided for in the requirements of the directional examination.
  • The Discipline Council shall, within one month of the submission of the doctoral student’s application, appoint an Examination Committee consisting of the DC chairperson or his/her deputy, the supervisor(s), the assistant supervisor (if appointed) and three members holding the rank of Ph.D. or Prof. in the discipline(s) in which the dissertation is being prepared.
  • The Examination Commission sets and informs the doctoral student about the date of the examination.
  • The Examination Committee draws up a protocol of the directional examination along with the justification, which is forwarded to the Office of the Doctoral School.

    Director of the Doctoral School
    Dr. Władysław Kolasa, Prof. UP

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