Appointing a Supervisor

A doctoral student must apply for the appointment of a supervisor (or supervisors) no later than two months after admission to the Doctoral School. Relevant documents must be attached.

Supervision over the preparation of the doctoral dissertation is exercised by a supervisor, supervisors or a supervisor and an assistant supervisor. The supervisor must hold a doktor habilitowany degree or a professor title. It is also possible to appoint a supervisor who does not meet the above criteria if s/he is employed by a foreign Higher Education / Research institution and the relevant Discipline Council decides the person has significant achievements in the area covered by the doctoral dissertation.

The Director, on the doctoral student’s request, will appoint the supervisor(s) not later than three months after the student’s admission to the Doctoral School. Before the appointment the Director receives an opinion from the relevant Discipline Council. If the proposed supervisor comes from outside PUK, information on his or her research activity and publications must be attached to the application.

The appointment of a supervisor (supervisors) may be preceded by a presentation of the doctoral student’s self-report to the Discipline Council.

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