Teaching Practice

A short guide on how to complete the unassisted Teaching Practice

  1. During four semesters (from III to VI) a total of 45 hours of Teaching Practice should be completed.
  2. Teaching hours are assigned by PUK institutes. Respective institutes are informed several months in advance about the need for a certain number of hours of internship for each doctoral student. Please check if the hours have been assigned. If not, you should urgently contact either your supervisor or the management of the relevant institute. Doctoral students with an external supervisor who have not been assigned any teaching hours are asked to contact the Doctoral School Office.
  3. Teaching Practice can be freely spread over semesters and does not need to be carried out continuously. This means that it is possible to complete 15h in one semester and 30h in subsequent semesters (e.g. 15h + 15h). For formal reasons, however, the easiest solution is to complete the Teaching Practice within one semester.
  4. To get the Teaching Practice passed you need the following documents:
    1. the syllabus of the course taught (if you complete more than one course, there must be a syllabus for each one);
    2. outlines of the classes (a brief description for each meeting with students);
    3. an inspection (“hospitacja”) report (the inspection should be carried out by the supervisor or the person responsible for the course, or else another qualified academic teacher; if more than one course are taught, the inspection must take place at each of the courses);
    4. the results of the student evaluation survey for each of the courses taught (ask the Institute to organize the evaluation).

As one can see, less paperwork will be required if the Teaching Practice is carried out within one or two courses.

VERY IMPORTANT: The Teaching Practice documents can only be submitted in the original form (documents in the form of scans, photos, etc. will not be accepted). Only a complete set of documents will be, i.e. the Office will not accept partial documentation. If the Teaching Practice is divided into more semesters, documents should be collected on the way so that you can submit the whole set after reaching the required number of teaching hours (45).

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