Public Reporting Session

Every year, the UKEN Doctoral School holds a Public Reporting Session twice: in February, all first-year doctoral students present their projects (this is the so-called “minor” reporting session), while in June, all first- and second-year doctoral students, as well as willing upper-year doctoral students and guests (this is the so-called “major” reporting session). The purpose of both types of sessions is to improve the skills of presenting scientific papers and projects and conducting scientific discussion. In “minor” sessions, each presentation consists of three parts (5 minutes each): a doctoral student presents a project, a comment from the supervisor(s) and a discussion. In “major” sessions, the organization is different: doctoral students present projects (15 minutes each), while a discussion (30 minutes) is held after each panel. First-year doctoral students may present in Polish or English, while second-year doctoral students may present only in English. Sessions are documented (recorded), in addition, a book of abstracts is published (all texts have two language versions: Polish and English). Sessions are organized in remote or hybrid mode. In addition to doctoral students, sessions are attended by their supervisors, representatives of discipline councils, members of the Doctoral School Council, the SD Directorate and interested guests. Below is a list of the books of abstracts published so far and the session regulations.

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