Political Science and Public Administration

Proposed candidates for supervisors

  • History of political thought
  • Political history of the Italian states in the modern era
  • Political history of Italy from the 19th century to the present
  • Socio-political transformation in the Eastern Bloc countries,
  • Sociocultural trauma in the post-Soviet area,
  • Youth policy,
  • Migration of the population,
  • Electoral participation and its determinants
  • Sociology of politics
  • Socio-political movements
  • Non-institutional politics
  • Social protests
  • Local politics
  • Rural policy
  • History of political and legal doctrines
  • Constitutional law
  • International law
  •  Political communication – instruments, actors, election campaigns
  • Media coverage of politics – consequences, determinants, politics in traditional and new media, media bias, media manipulation, propagandisation of media messages
  • Impact of the media on political processes, in particular on opinions, attitudes and electoral behaviour
  • Media policy in Poland, the EU and selected countries of the world
  • Local government
  • Public administration
  • Social politics
  • Energy security policy of the Republic of Poland
  • Energy security policy in the EU area
  • Energy raw materials as a tool of political, economic, and social influence
  • Public policy
  • Public governance
  • Social policy
  • Child protection policy
  • Sociology of politics
  • Sociology of youth
  • Political discourse
  • Administration and public institutions, systems, political and administrative,
  • Public policy, public management,
  • Local self-government, special self-government,
  • Participation, dialogue, deliberation,
  • industrial relations
  • Social politics in Poland
  • Social politics of Southern European countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal)
  • Social politics of Northern European countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark)
  • Education for the elderly

Other disciplines

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