Physical Sciences

Proposed candidates for supervisors

  • Broadband dielectric spectroscopy
  • Studies of relaxation and electric charge transport phenomena in dielectrics and semiconductors
  • Thermodynamics of phase transitions in ferroelectrics with perovskite structure
  • Condensed matter physics (experimental)
  • Dynamics of phase transitions in perovskite crystals, structural transformations, mechanisms of phase transitions
  • In vitro studies of pharmaceutical drug forms under physiological conditions in order to obtain their spatial and temporal characteristics (physicochemistry, morphology) and to relate it to the release of therapeutic substance.
  • Fundamental research related to the above topics – min. issues related to the hydration of polymer systems (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and sodium alginate have been studied to date).
  • A wide range of investigational drug forms made with both traditional technologies and 3D printing techniques.
  • Research methods include nuclear magnetic resonance (relaxometry, diffusometry), X-ray microtomography and others.
  • Physics with didactics
  • Eyetracking and psychophysiological methods in teaching

Other disciplines

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