Proposed candidates for supervisors

  • Philosophy of Mathematics (ontology, foundations of geometry, and calculus).
  • History of Mathematics (geometry: Euclid, Descartes, Hilbert; the 17th and 18th-century calculus)
  • Orthogonality and approximate orthogonality in normed linear spaces
  • Selected topics in functional equations

Critical point theory

– partial differential equations with p-Laplacian

– hemivariational inequalities

  • Quasi-ordinary singularities
  • Geometry of polynomial mappings at infinity
  • Universal algebra, in particular, its applications in algebraic logic
  • Intuitionistic logic and Fregean algebras
  • Asympthotic invariants in geometry and algebra
  • Objects associated to sets of points in projective spaces
  • Norm derivatives and their application in geometry of Banach spaces.
  • Selected topics in geometry of operator spaces and spaces of continuous functions.


Other disciplines

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